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Slash Calendar

2024 Slash Calendar Coming Soon

As of today's date, April 10, Jeffco has not published that Slash calendar for 2024.  Visit the Jeffco website, for more information or to sign up with Jeffco for slash alerts.
JeffCo SLASH Collection Calendar_2022-07-17.png
Cutting Woods

Slash Pile Guide

  • Piles must be stacked by 8 a.m. on the scheduled chipping day. 
  • Chipping will take place Monday through Friday. 
  • Improperly stacked piles, and any piles stacked after 8 a.m, may not be identified or collected. 
  • Stack piles neatly (no bags), with the large ends of branches facing the road. 
  • Place piles within 5 feet of the roadway, but not touching the road or in drainage ditches. 
  • NO piles on or in driveways, piles must be on a roadway accessible to the crew and equipment.
  • Maximum pile size is 5 'x 5' x 5'. There is a 15-pile limit per address for each sign up period. 
  • After crews have removed your pile, clear away any remaining branches, needles and debris. 
  • Do not combine piles with neighbors' piles or place piles in other neighborhoods. 
  • NO piles that have been created by any machinery
  • Piles that have rocks, dirt/debris, trash, or root wads will NOT be chipped.
Foggy Forest

Douglass Ranch Extinguisher

Foggy Forest
Image by Harrison Hargrave

Firewise Mitigation

Every year, wildfires burn across the U.S. And more and more, people are living in forest areas and grasslands where wildfires are a real risk.  By working together, there are things residents within the DRPOA community can do to make their home and family safe––and neighborhood safe.

Cutting Woods

Wildfire Mitigation Survey

Douglass Ranch residents are likely well aware of the potential for wildfire.  A number of large Colorado wildfires in recent years has kept the wildfire topic in the news.


The survey results are intended to help the Firewise committee be responsive to the neighborhood, and help develop a path forward in neighborhood-wide wildfire mitigation.

Click on the link below to begin the survey

Wildfire Mitgation Survey
Mitgation Log

Firewise Certification:  
Logging Hours, Time & Expense.

Maintining our Firewise Certification is a community-wide effort. Each residential dwelling invest a minimum of one volunteer hour.  


Download the Time and Expense Investment Example below to see how your volunteer efforts can be applied in helping the Douglass Ranch community maintain its "Good Standing" status.

Please Note:  

The FW Certification Spreadsheet is an Excel document.  By clicking on the link, the document will download directly to your computer.  Check the download icon on your browser, or go to "Downloads"  in Mac Finder window or Microsoft's File Explorer.  


If you need assistance, contact

Andréa Swenson.


Thank you!

Rake and Wheelbarrow
Foggy Forest

Wildfire Risk Assessment
Forest Fire Management Plan 

Informational Downloads
Forest Fire
Firewise Assessment

In 2023 the Firewise Committee, our neighborhood Ambassadors and the Conifer Wildland Division of the Elk Creek Fire Protection District worked together to update the Douglass Ranch Community Assessment. The 2023 Assessment updates a 2016 Assessment as recommended by Firewise.  The detailed report discusses neighborhood level concerns and recommends areas for improvement. 


Forest Fire

Management Plan

Forest Fire Management Plan discusses consolidation of the natural resource, forestry, access, fire and fuel reduction recommendations for Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association


Firewise is a voluntary program that provides a framework to help neighbors get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance 

of their homes and community.

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