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Our Board of Directors

Pike's Peak Photo Courtesy of Joshua Forbes Copyright 2020

DRPOA Member since 2018

Anamaria Popescu
Vice President  


DRPOA Member since 2016

Tricia Jensen
Vice President  


DRPOA Member since 2013

Andréa Swenson


DRPOA Member since 2018.

Todd Williams


DRPOA Member Since 2000

Board Member at Large




Dear Members,

We love community involvement!  If you are interested in participating in any of the committee meetings please contact the committee chair.

Thank you!

Governing Documents Committee
Veris Simms, Interim Chair
Committee Members

Todd Williams, Andréa Swenson,

 Veris Simms, and Aaron Reilly

Design Review Committee

Rick Koth, Chair

Committee Members

Randy Jensen and Mark Ferguson

Firewise Committee

Veris Simms, Interim Chair

Committee Members

Tom Washburn,

Seana Nestegard, Cairon Moore-Simms,

Storm Water / Pond Project Committee

Todd Williams, Chair


Committee Members

Veris Simms

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