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Douglass Ranch Extinguisher

Vol. 1, Issue 7. June 2023

Hello Everyone!

In an ongoing effort in education regarding fire resistant gardening, I would like to direct the focus of this month’s issue to the placement of vegetation around your home. I refer to the Colorado State University Extension website for the most reliable and helpful information.

I have pulled some quick tips from an education fact sheet by F. C. Dennis,[1] published by CSU Extension which really covers it all! Hopefully we have all had a chance to really assess the area around our actual structures and were able to clean up as necessary. Some of you probably think….WOW! Pretty bare. However, in this situation less is more. Keep in mind that you can follow all this information to a tee and still succumb to the perils of fire. It is extremely important to keep up with maintenance. This is not a one-time deal!

Quick Tips:

  • Plants near your home should be more widely spaced and lower growing than those farther away.

  • DO NOT plant in large masses. Instead, plant in small, irregular clusters, or islands.

  • Use decorative rock, gravel, and steppingstone pathways to break up the continuity of the vegetation and fuels.

  • Incorporate a diversity of plant types and species in your landscape. (I will be covering this topic in the next issue.)

  • In the event of drought and water rationing, prioritize plants to be saved.

  • Use mulches to conserve moisture and reduce weed growth. To reduce fire danger, use non-organic mulch such as pea gravel or stone. Leaf mold or compost is also acceptable. DO NOT use thick layers of pine needles.

Be creative! It is fun to use garden art and containers for added color and appeal.

Now that the official frost date is past which was June 15th. Get that garden planned! Be creative! It is fun to use garden art and containers for added color and appeal. Next issue will be covering actual plants.

So, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this great rain keeps up and as always,

Let’s all be Safe!

Seana Nestegard,

Firewise Committee


[1] Fire-Resistant Landscaping Fact Sheet No. 6.303, Figure 1: Forested property surrounding a homesite shows optimum placement of vegetation near the structure.

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