Douglass Ranch is mitigating risk to wildfire.  

In September 2017 we received a Firewise Community Designation.

This page offers some Firewise maps and informational downloads for homeowner and community.  It also serves as a bulletin board for current community Firewise efforts.

Douglass Ranch Drive Fire Mitigation


Douglass Ranch Drive Firewise mitigation has been completed for 2017.

The effort was worked in two separate stages: tree and shrub trimming and cutting on Saturday July 1st and chipping on Wednesday July 5th.


The trimming and cutting effort was performed by nine neighborhood volunteers.  In addition a number of neighbors mitigated trees on their own lots which added significantly to the success of the overall effort.  After the day's effort was completed, a lunch was hosted by Mary Sosnowski.  Our thanks to Mary for the welcome hospitality!

The chipping effort was performed with the assistance of the Jefferson Country Fire Management Team: Arron Betcher, Brendon Jackson and Patrick Taggart.  There were eight neighborhood volunteers who assisted in feeding the chipper.  Joan Grawe kindly supplied Subway sandwiches to the group.  The sandwiches were unexpected and a welcome treat.  Our thanks to Joan for welcome relief on a hot day!

Firewise BBQ / Educational Outreach at Douglass Ranch


A Firewise BBQ on Saturday June 17th at the home of Dave and Marie Sanders was attended by about 27 people.  The BBQ served as a way to meet new and old neighbors and also as a Firewise Educational Outreach event.  A number of Firewise pamphlets and DVDs were offered for further reading and viewing.

Tom Washburn presented a wildfire threat map that merged several sources.  The merged map showed areas of Severe Wildfire Hazard and a recommended fuel break with identification of impacted lots in the neighborhood.


The presentation and subsequent discussion lasted about an hour.  Audience participation was lively.

Hosting a Firewise Educational Outreach event/activity is part of the Firewise process.

Wildfire Hazard Map for Douglass Ranch 


A Wildfire Hazard Map for Douglass Ranch was created using information  the in DR Official Development Plan (ODP), .Jeffco's ASPIN system, Google Earth aerial view, and Elk Creek Fire Department's Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  

The map can be viewed here.

The completion of this effort will be followed by completion and submittal of a Firewise Community application for Douglass Ranch.
Upcoming fuel mitigation along Douglass Ranch Drive was discussed.  Several homeowners have been mitigating their property – far from the roadside – which is to be highly commended.

Mitigation along Douglass Ranch Drive fulfills a Firewise Community requirement for a “Firewise Day” event where the community puts a Firewise plan to action.  It also adds labor time to the community’s “Per Capita Mitigation Investment” - a Firewise attribute that sums all community mitigation effort.

The Douglass Ranch website has new Firewise pages containing videos and downloadable pamphlets.

Informational Downloads
Foggy Forest
Forest Fire

Prepared by Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin of

Elk Creek Fire Protection District.  Chief McLaughlin provides a detailed assessment to be used as a resource for creating a wildfire safety action plan. 


Forest Fire

Management Plan

Forest Fire Management Plan 

discusses consolidation of the natural resource, forestry, access, fire and fuel reduction recommendations for Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association


Firewise is a voluntary program that provides a framework to help neighbors get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance 

of their homes and community.

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