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Jefferson County’s NEW Emergency Notification System

Updated: Apr 29, 2022


Dear Douglass Ranch Neighbors,

Jefferson County is in the process of changing to a new Emergency Notification System.
CodeRED, the current system, will end June 30, 2022. The new system is LookoutAlert.

Current CodeRED information is to be transferred to the new LookoutAlert system. However, we have all heard of instances when users’ data was not transferred correctly in other systems. This was reported as a problem in the recent Boulder County fires. Some residents reported they did not receive evacuation notices.

Notifications may be received by phone, email, text and include Red Flag Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm, Severe Winter Weather, Safety Risk, and Health Risk. You select how and what you want to receive. There are videos explaining LookoutAlert and how to enroll.

Mike and Cathy Rheinberger

Elk Creek Fire Ambassadors


Select the alerts you want to receive.
Red Flag, Severe Thunderstorm, Severe Winter Weather, Safety Risk, Health Risk.


Visit Jefferson County's website for more information or to enroll in LookoutAlert Regional Emergency Notification System

A new link to Lookout Alert can be found on Local Information of the Douglass Ranch website under "Wildfire and & Emergency"

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08 juin 2022

A TEST alert went out this morning Wednesday June 8th. As Mike and Cathy noted, some property owners information may not transfer over or you may not have fully signed up. If you did not receive a text, email or phone call then you may not be signed up. Please check Lookout Alert above for more information and to sign up.

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