Back to Bussiness!

The Douglass Ranch Board of Directors have rescheduled their first Board meeting of the quarter for this Sunday, February 28 at 6pm.

Agenda items include a Members Open Forum, discussions on JeffCo Planning & Zoning, the Governing Documents Rewrites and more.  To view the complete agenda click on

 Meeting Agenda.  Once there, click on the link provided to get your virtual meeting login. 


The Hite House:  Construction & Parking

Roof replacement is set to begin at the Hite House this Tuesday, March 2 and run through Thursday, March 4.  


Expect off-street parking during this period for both crews and homeowners.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as crews work to complete the roof replacement as safely and quickly as possible. Thank you!


Address Directory: Coming Soon To Your Door!

Now that our new neighbors have settled in, a new Address Directory packet is about to go to print, and will be delivered to your doorstep soon. Please take time to review your current contact information in our members only Online Directory  If you would like to add or revise any portion of your contact information, please let DRPOA Secretary, Andréa Swenson, know as soon as possible.  Thank you!

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