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Road Resurfacing: Douglass Ranch Dr.

Latest Update from Jefferson County.

Anamaria Popescu | August 07, 2023


Dear Douglass Ranch Homeowners:

As you can see, we finally got Douglass Ranch Drive paved ahead of schedule, which is great news! However, I have received comments and concerns about the road from the neighborhood, and I want to assure the community I have been in contact with Jefferson County regarding the road paving quality.

I just spoke with their head inspector, who I have been in constant contact with this year. He promised me he will drive the road this week to understand the quality concerns that have been raised. Regarding the shoulder, he said they are not yet finished with that scope of work, but will be back in a month or so to complete the job, so we do not have this sharp embankment.

The crews from Jefferson County are swamped at the moment, taking care of flooded out roads in the Deckers area. The head inspector also apologized for not finishing the shoulder with the rest of the project. Once I have further information from him regarding what can be done with the bumps and sharp delineation between both sides of the road, I will post another announcement.

Thank you all for your patience with the Board in getting this project completed and feel free to reach out to me with further questions.

Highest Regards,

Anamaria Popescu

DRPOA Vice President,

Chair of the Roads and Grounds Committee

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