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The Douglass Ranch Extinguisher

October 12, 2022 Vol. 1

Seana Nestegard | Firewise Committee Member


Hello Neighbors!

In a continued effort to keep each household safe and informed regarding wildfire, the Firewise Committee has developed a newsletter which will come out throughout the year. We would like to encourage open communication to address and promote education as well as concerns.

For our debut we felt an appropriate topic would be creating and having an evacuation plan for a natural disaster.

Do you have a plan? Thankfully, in the Firewise Handbook there is an extremely informative section covering just this topic. To get everyone started, here is information to get the process in motion.


Creating an Evacuation Plan

  • Designate an emergency meeting location outside the fire or hazard area. This is critical to determine who has safely evacuated from the affected area.

  • Identify different escape routes from your home and community. Practice these so everyo