Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, December 6, 2011
Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
dated December 6, 2011
Brent Ballard, President
Susan Festag, Vice President
Lore Genender, Treasurer
Tom Washburn, Secretary
John Alme, Member At Large
Topics addressed include:
  • Selection of New Offices

    • After a short discussion the re-elected board members agreed to serve on the board as follows:
         Ms. Genender  Treasurer
         Ms. Festag    President
         Mr. Ballard   Vice President
         Mr. Washburn  Secretary
         Mr. Alme      Road and Grounds

  • Proposed governance document re: reserve study

    • A draft 'Policy and Procedure Reserve Study' as recommended by the DR lawyer was presented.  The document states that DR does not currently have a Reserve Study. 

    • The draft Policy and Procedure Reserve Study was approved.

    • An item will be added POA's calendar to ensure an annual review of conflict of interest policies, procedures, and rules and regulations (also per SB 09-1359) is conducted.

  • Dog Lots & Letter to DOW

    • Per conversations with folks at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (formerly known as the Department of Wildlife) a draft letter from DR POA to the CPW was re-edited. 

  • Dogs were reported to be on the rented Dunn's property. 

  • Covenant Questionnaires re: parking

    • Two questionnaire responses were received at the annual meeting. To date, eleven comments have been received.

    • The questionnaire will be included in the DR newsletter to be sent in mid-December.

  • Old DRPOA records

    • A collection of 1994 to 2002 / 2003 DR board minutes, stored in tubs, does not include minutes from '02 to '03. Mr. Washburn will look through his files for these minutes.

    • A Table of Contents for legal documents on the DR web site was requested.

    • Old tax records will be requested from Deb Gentile.

  • December newsletter

    • A draft newsletter was presented: comments to be made via email.  The newsletter will be sent with a 2011 Financial Status Report – which was not presented at the Annual Meeting.

  • Community Association Institute (CAI) Report

    • Discussed a CAI visit on 5 November . Attending the CAI meeting was reported to be well worth the time. Relevant topics were presented. Experts were available for consultation.

  • Yearly dues & liens (delinquent lots)

    • Two property owners have not yet paid 2011 dues. 

    • A dues deadline to be added to the Board's calendar.

  • 2012 DR Budget

    • $200 was authorized for updated QuickBooks software.

    • A draft 2012 DR budget will be presented at the next meeting.

    • A new CD was discussed.

    • The dates of the CDs will be inserted into the board's calendar.

  • Continuiing Items for Consideration

    • Received OK-to-cut trees on the bend in Douglass Ranch Drive approaching May Long Court. 

  • Next meeting is January 10, 2012,