Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, November 15, 2011
Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
dated November 15, 2011
Brent Ballard, President
Susan Festag, Vice President
Lore Genender, Treasurer
Tom Washburn, Secretary
John Alme, Member At Large
Topics addressed include:
  • Opening Statements

    • A thank you to those who worked some of the neighborhood amenities.
      • Flower barrel maintenance
      • Roadside tree trimming
      • Volunteer committee for sign colors
      • Firefighter's dinner organization

  • Treasury Report

    • The Yearly Comparison of DR balances, income & expenses was presented. 

  • President's Report
    The board's accomplishments for this year were summarized:
       • New DRPOA website
       • Garbage survey
       • A look at changing dog restrictions on lots 20 – 29
       • Entry signs painted
       • DRPOA email account

  •  Current Projects include:
       • Noxious weeds in the neighborhood.  
       • Pond issues to be legally framed
       • Covenant issues
       • Vehicle parking
       • dog fences
       • Dogs on lots 20-29
       • Review of design review standards with respect to legal issues and neighborhood desires
       • Private road maintenance and road fund

  • Road and Grounds Report

    • The roads are reported in good shape. By performing small road maintenance tasks we are probably delaying the day when resurfacing the private roads becomes necessary. 

    • Holland Hurst stated that the neighborhood roads are now in good shape.

    • Road plan needs updated to stay current with today's price of oil

  • Member Comments:

    • Trees still block view on Douglass Ranch Drive to May Long Court. 

    • Would the forest service would support thinning by reason of fire mitigation? 

    • Cathy Rheinberger will send a letter from Joe Page regarding Fire Mitigation. 

    • A resident survey regarding dog restrictions for lots 20 through 29 found residents in favor of a rule change.  ​

  • Secretary's Projects Report

    • An overview of the Website was presented. 

    • Sections on the website were presented. The site is a 'work in progress' that will be updated from time to time.

    • A DR email address has been setup to provide consistency between successive boards:

  • Legal Issues

    • The attempt to condemn Glen Elk land by Mr. Lewis' company in order to construct a road to land locked acreage was presented.  In brief summary, the trial court sided with Glen Elk in ruling to dismiss the condemnation because Lewis failed to adequately describe the proposed development so that the court could adequately determine the necessity of the road and its proposed easement. 

    • Lewis and his son described different development plans for the landlocked land.

    • The court of appeals ruled that the condemnation could proceed based on the zoning of the Lewis property.

    • The Supreme Court reversed the court of appeals decision and agreed with the trial court's decision ruling that Lewis must show 'necessity' of the planned road based on actual development plans.

    • Poll regarding covenant issue (parking of vehicles in Douglass Ranch)

    • Parking issue was raised by outlining inconsistencies in three Douglass Ranch documents.
         • Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Douglass Ranch 
         • Supplementary Declaration of Covenants, Design Review Standards for Douglass Ranch POA
         • Douglass Ranch Design Standards and Construction Regulations, Revised December 3, 2000 

    • The process of changing covenants was discussed. The board is not opting to accept our lawyer's suggested total covenant rewrite for a cost of $5400. The board is considering specific changes to the covenants such as:
         • the parking issue
         • the 75% vs 65% of property owners approval to change covenants (to be consistent with state law)
         • mortgage holders approval revision to be consistent with state law

    • A question was raised of whether we should collect and analyze covenants from other neighborhoods. No path forward was agreed upon.

    • A short discussion concerning the legality of recent fencing changes for dogs followed. No path forward was adopted.

  • Nomination and Election of Board Members

    • Ms. Festag, Mr. Washburn and Ms. Genender volunteered to serve an additional term. There
      were no other recommendations or volunteers for the board.

    • A motion to accept nomination of three board members carried unanimously.