Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, September 13, 2011
Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors AdHoc Meeting Minutes
dated September 13, 2011
Brent Ballard, President
Susan Festag, Vice President
Lore Genender, Treasurer
Tom Washburn, Secretary
John Alme, Member At Large
Topics addressed include:
  • Front Entrance Sign

    • Ad hoc committee presented signage color choices.
      The sign framework behind the upper right hand side of the sign is rotted out and feels weak to the touch.  A bid to repair and repaint the sign was presented.

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • The Adrians and Barths are current with respect to annual dues. A statement will be sent to the
      Moat's bookkeeper for payment.  A letter will be sent to Trademark Investments regarding pro-rated annual dues on the Eberts former property. A letter will also be sent to the Eberts regarding their overdue 2011 dues payment. 

    • No liens are envisioned on Moats or Eberts properties at this time.

  • Road issues

    • Of three road repair bids (for 'crack & seal' repair) Love's won the bid to do crack & seal
      maintenance on the private roads.

  • Pond Issues

    • Forward progress is on hold pending a review of the POA's legal responsbiliites. A legal opinion
      of the board's responsibilities with respect to pond maintenance is desired.

  • DRPOA website update

    • A website plan was reviewed and discussed.  Plan was approved subject to a maximum setup cost of $250 and a maximum monthly cost of $50. 

  • Letter to DOW update

    • The Department of Wildlife has not yet responded to Mr. Alme. A followup call to Howard
      Horton at DOW will be made to determine whether a DOW response is forthcoming.

  • Snow-plowing contracts

    • Last year's and this year's proposed snowplowing contracts differences were discussed. Ray's Snowplowing proposed contract wil lbe edited to incorporate last year's contract.

  • Noxious weeds

    • Stanzlers received a letter from JeffCo regarding noxious weeds. Ms. Stanzler had the county come out and point out noxious weeds on her property. Several homeowners received a mailing from the county.

    • Colorado has a Noxious Weed Law (CRS 35-5.5 et al.) that requires landowners to control
      noxious weeds.

    • A booklet was circulated: Noxious Weeds of Colorado, Colorado Weed Management Association,
      Tenth Edition, 2001.

    • Jeffco website ( discusses what to do for each weed.

    • This topic should be added to the newsletter or brought up at the annual meeting.

  • HOA attorney(s) update

    • A list of questions for our attorneys will be compiled with Board member inputs. The expectation in a dialogue with our attorney is that we gain a sense of our attorney's proactive support for our neighborhood.

  • Any new or other miscellaneous Board business.

    • The questionable activities of current residents in the Dunn house were mentioned to Mr. Dunn.
      Mr. Dunn is now aware of potential conflicts with DR covenants. It now appears that the residents are down to two cars.

    • The current residents are now aware that a businesss cannot be run from the house and that the lot is a non-dog lot.

    • Annual Meeting preparations

    • Date of annual meeting agreed upon.  Desired place is Elk Creek Elementary School, pending availability of the school.  Potential Board candidates were discussed.  A pre-meeting is planned.

  • Next Meeting will be November 1, 2011.