Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, August 1, 2011
Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors AdHoc Meeting Minutes
dated August 1, 2011
Brent Ballard, President
Lore Genender, Treasurer
Tom Washburn, Secretary
John Alme, Member At Large
Topics addressed include:
  • Treasurer’s Report

    • An annual dues payment from the Hager's was promised, but not yet delivered. 

    • The new owners of the Ebert's house, Trademark Investments, should be assessed a pro-rated annual dues amount.

    • The Skahans and Barths have paid no annual dues as of 1 August. 

    • The Adrians and Moats are making payments

  • Road issues

    • Three estimates received for road crack sealing.  Total road overlay not pursed further.

    • In 2009 Holland Hurst estimated 80K to overlay DR private roads.  Assuming a 20% cost increase since 2008, the curent DR POA road savings are sufficient to meet the possible need to resurface.  In other words, the DR Road Plan is still valid.

  • Pond Issues

    • Forward progress on the pond has stalled at the question of determining the DR Board's legal obligation to maintain the pond. Finding an answer appears to involve reviewing the capabilities of our current attorney vs. finding a new attorney who may be more attuned to the issues of an HOA.

    • Mr. Washburn will talk with William Blatchley to determine, if possible, what pond maintenance is expected by Mountain Mutual Reservoir Co.

  • Entryway sign issues

    • Separation of the entryway sign color update from a possible mailbox update was agreed upon.  New sign colors to be studied.

  • DRHOA website provider discussion

    • Association Voice to be consulted with respect to isssues raised in an email from Mr. Ballard.

  • Letter to DOW regarding lots 20-29 – review.

    • Letter to the Colorado Department of Wildlife (DOW) has been drafted and received approval from Board members.

  • Misc. other board business

    • A discussion of previous pond decisions. Apparently the 2008 annual minutes included a decision regarding the pond. But the exact nature of the decision was unclear. Ms. Genender resent Mr. Washburn's email of last year (5/27/2010) to all board members summarizing the Board's responsibilites with respect to the pond (per DR Articles and Covenants).

  • Next Meeting will be September 13, 2011.