Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, November 15, 2012

Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Annual Meeting Minutes

dated November 15, 2012


Susan Festag,     President

Brent Ballard,    Vice President
Lore Genender,  Treasurer

John Alme,         Road and Grounds
Tom Washburn,  Secretary

Selected Committee Reports:

President’s Report

  • Parking Covenants update was attempted this year but there was not consensus among the working group members to make it work.

  • Per formal request, a dog has been approved on the Stanzler lot in accordance with DR attorney advice.

  • Pond Maintenance was reviewed by Mr. William Blatchley, Mountain Mutual Reservoir Company. Current leaks in the stand-pipe allow DR to be in compliance with a requirement for a constant flow of water out of the pond. 

  • The Board approved up to $1000 to reimburse expenses paid to maintain the pond. Most likely this will be used to install an aerator.

  • The DR website was used by two realtors in pending home sales.

  • A DR Phone Directory update was mailed out.

  • A Garbage Survey taken in 2012 found that most residents did not want to change garbage haulers.

  • A new Governance Policy was put in place.  The state mandated policy applies to Formal Reserve Studies and does not apply to Douglass Ranch. 

  • A  master calendar was created to ensure that dates are met with respect to required reports, bills and so on.

  • Dog Restricted Lots

    • The DR attorney recommends a change of covenants to accommodate dogs (without going to Jeffco).

  • Next year’s goals

    • Dog Lots
    • New Colorado HOA Requirements which will include required records by an HOA.
    • Fire department support for fire mitigation.

Treasurer’s Report

  • All 2012 HOA dues and fees have been collected.

  • Several financial status reports were distributed and discussed.

  • Road fund status

  • Road fund plan shows a higher goal for funds in the bank than we currently have.  The road fund “shortage” in the bank reflects the cost of periodic repairs. 

  • 2013 Budget

Roads and Grounds Report

  • The POA appears to be financially able to manage a road resurface if it were necessary.

Nomination and Election of Board Members

  • John Allen was voted to serve on the Board.

Member Comments/New Business

  • Discussion topics:

    • Current state of DR parking covenants.

    • JeffCo incinerator on nearby Parker Road.

    • Renters should be aware of the covenants.

    • No activity in the Shaffer's Crossing subdivision.​