Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, April 3, 2012

Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

dated April 3, 2012


Susan Festag,     President
Brent Ballard,     Vice President
Lore Genender,  Treasurer

John Alme,         Road and Grounds
Tom Washburn,  Secretary

Topics addressed include:

Treasurer's Report

  • Review of Financial Status Reports/Updated budget

  • Change in checking account signatures/CD Move/Taxes

  • Ms. Genender to investigate details behind a credit card vs. a debit card, including setting a limit on the card.

  • 2012 Annual Dues – status/documentation of delinquencies

    • POA Dues Status: 3 lots are outstanding: Hagers and Moats still have not paid dues.

    • Liens are next. Attorney will be contacted.

    • Ms. Genender to send third notice (with a $20 late fee) to Hager and Moats.

    • Ebert's unpaid dues.

      • Discussion: Whether to ask attorney about a personal judgment - i.e.: a lien against wages. The board decided not to go this way because costs outweigh amount owed ($195).

      •  Board approved motion to waive Ebert’s 2010 Douglass Ranch dues for 1/2 yea due to difficulty in collection. 

Parking Covenants - Working group report

  • The first meeting was summarized:

    • two general points of agreement were reached with one additional point having near agreement.

    • split into two groups to see whether the progress of discussion can be advanced.

Dog Lots - Letter to DOW/Response & Rezoning handouts - Jeffco Planning & Zoning

  • The DOW letter was shown to Jefferson County.  Jeffco recommends a full rezoning hearing.

  • Jeffco zoning process: Pre-app cost is $200 with possible additional fees.

  • Outcome is uncertain.

  • Atttempting to request a DOW meeting with a goal of getting a DOW statement of whether we are in or out of a wildlife area. 

Jeffco Planning & Zoning - Associations registration/Distribution of information

  • Registered with Jeffco Planning & Zoning to be notified of upcoming zoning changes.


DORA – HOA Registration/HOA annual report

  • Registered with DORA

  • If you are not registered, then you cannot file a lien.

  • A DORA coversheet of the HOA annual report was distributed to board members. The coversheet referenced a DORA website:


Attorney Letter – 2012 Fee Schedule/Secretary of State Report

  • Discussed a table of attorney fees e.g.: for $100/month the attorney would be on call for our questions.

  • BoRD agreed that we will continue to work with our attorney on an "as needed" basis.

Firefighters’ dinner – May 3, 2012

  • At the next Bunko, word will go out regarding a planned 5/3 date for the Fireman’s dinner as hosted by Douglass Ranch.    An announcement will be inserted in the newsletter.

Front Entrance Barrel/Other Flower Barrels

  • The flower barrel is now gone. John Allen removed it. Jane Spooner recommends a Costco barrel 

  • A new front entrance barrel may set the stage for replacement of other neighborhood barrels. 

Continuing/New Items for Consideration

  • Updated road plan

    • Waiting for a road plan contact from Dick McAtee.

  • CAI update

    • CAI (Community Associations Institute) contact email address for Douglass Ranch changed to the Douglass Ranch e-mail address.

  • Notification of board meetings

    • A DORA reference to Colorado statutes to notify POA members of board meetings was noted. Board meeting dates to be listed on web site.

  •  List of old board members

    • A list of previous DR board members was prepared and will be presented to board members at the next meeting.

  • Fire safe community

    • Firewise: May not have enough neighborhood interest.

      • Elk Creek Fire Dept information to be requested for newsletter.

  • Noxious weeds

    • An announcement will be inserted in the June newsletter.

  • DR Neighborhood Directory

    • A new Douglass Ranch directory is desired.

  • DR Pond

    • Aattorney to be consulted regarding neighborhood obligation with respect to the pond.

Master Calendar – review

  • A Master Calendar was distributed. The calendar provides a way to pass on important dates to successor board members.