Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, October 16, 2007

Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Annual Meeting Minutes


dated October 16, 2007




Rick Koth, President
Kay Collier, Vice President
Norm Dunn, Design Review
Terry Sickler, Treasurer
Tom Sosnowski, Secretary

Topics addressed include:

Committee Reports - past year achievements:

a. Shaffer’s Ranch Development
b. Firefighter Dinner
c. DR Taxes Filed
d. Elk Creek Coalition WOW Water Permit Petition Drive
e. Chipper Rental in June
f. Newsletters Published (4)
g. CD Consolidation, Relocated to 1st Bank
h. Stop Sign Replacement and Fence Repair
i. Board Meetings (5)
j. Annual Picnic
k. Snow Removal Contract Renewal
l. Private Road Crack Sealing
m. Review New Colorado Statute Information Regarding HOA’s


Financial Report


Nominations and Election of Board Members: Terry Sickler volunteered for a second term. Susan Festag and Tom Washburn volunteered for the remaining seats.


New Business


  • CC&R Amendment to Allow Electronic/Invisible Dog Fences: amendment was re-approved unanimously.

  • Access to Pond Standpipe Following Snowstorms: Cyndy Lenhart stated they are not always at home during snowstorms and requested that the HOA consider plowing their driveway when they are away to allow fire department access to pond standpipe.  Board will consider the request.


Member Comments


  • A request to move the "No Fishing – No Hunting" sign near Lenhart driveway was granted.

  • Street signs are virtually unreadable because of fading.  An offer to repaint them for the HOA was accepted.