Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, August 27, 2017

Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

dated August 27, 2017


Susan Festag, President
Carl Price, Treasurer
Randy Jensen, Roads & Grounds Committee Chair
Tom Washburn, Secretary

Attending via phone:
Todd Williams, Vice President


Topics addressed include:

Treasurer’s Report

  • Reviewed Profit & Loss Statement and a 2017 Budget Summary.

  • Annual dues still have not been received from one property owner.

  • The current CD will be moved to Public Service Credit Union when it matures on September 28th.

  • A 2018 budget was discussed and approved.

Continuing Business

  1. Design Review Board – Current Actions

Discussed working with JeffCo to identify where actions could be violations of both DR covenants and Jefferson County Planning & Zoning Regulations.  A meeting with JeffCo will be the initial step.

  • Lot 36 Update

Unsubstantiated reports that the Smiths may be over staying their Jeffco allotted RV time on Lot 36.

  • Lot 2 - Preliminary

Lot 2 house exterior paint colors were approved by the Design Review Committee.

2. Firewise Community Updates

Current effort is to complete the Firewise Community application.

3. Pond

Mr Jensen has asked two hydraulic engineers to visit the DR pond and write a detailed scope of work that can be used to solicit pond repair bids. 

4. Cistern Review

Roger Parker, ECFD Fire Marshal, has sent emails requesting inspection of DR water tank (cistern) and private fire hydrants. Task completion was accepted by Mr Washburn. 

New Business

1. Douglass Ranch Directory

An update to the Douglass Ranch directory is completed.  The update will be distributed with the annual meeting notice.

2. Annual Meeting

  • Candidates to replace current Board members were discussed. 

  • October 17th was selected as a potential annual meeting date. Mr Price will determine the availability of Elk Creek Elementary School as a site for the meeting.

  • Documents required for the meeting were "assigned" to members of the Board.


Review of the Master Calendar

  • The July/August newsletter has been drafted.  An additonal article will be inserted seeking candidates for the Board.

  • A 2017-18 snowplow contract will be discussed with Rays Snowplowing.

  • The 2017 water report will be completed and forwarded to Mountain Mutual Reservoir Company. 

Next Meeting: October 17, 2017 (Annual Meeting)