Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, August 13, 2007

Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

dated August 13, 2007




Rick Koth, President
Kay Collier, Vice President
Norm Dunn, Design Review
Terry Sickler, Treasurer
Tom Sosnowski, Secretary


Guest: Dan Volini

Topics addressed include:


  • Financial Report: accounts are in good standing.  DR Road Plan is fully funded to date.

  • Unpaid DR Dues: Lot 10 dues have not been paid to date.

  • Annual Picnic is scheduled for August 26.

  • Pond Maintenance: awaiting the Fire Department evaluation of the pond.

  • Driveway on Lot 35: no progress reported. 

  • HOA Legal Issues: DRHOA must file an annual report via the Secretary of State Website, changes are required to HOA CC&Rs, must formally disclose of a number of items to property owners, governance procedures are required.

  • Electronic Dog Fences must be revoted in accordance with state guidelines.

  • Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 16.


Next Board Meeting: September 30, 2007