Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, June 14, 2011
Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
dated June 14, 2011
Brent Ballard, President
Susan Festag, Vice President
Lore Genender, Treasurer
Tom Washburn, Secretary
John Alme, Member At Large
Topics addressed include:
  • Treasurer’s Report

    • Late fees have been charged to five lots whose owners have not started monthly payments of the DR POA annual assessment.

    • Ebert’s house went to auction but didn’t sell. DR POA homeowner assessment should be prorated for new buyers.

    • A POA statement to be sent that includes a statement of a 12% annual fee to be assessed starting August 1 for late POA annual assessment payments. 

  • Pond Issues
    • Met with with 'Steve' at True Pump & Equipment, South Broadway. The cost of the system can be significantly reduced when air lines are installed between the pump and the aerator heads, rather than installing electric lines from the house to the pump.

    • Ms. Festag expected an expert to review pond status – specifically with regard to questions such as whether DR is legally obligated to maintain the pond, and what specific maintenance is required. Does DR have to maintain a certain volume in the pond? Discussion of how to answer these questions ensued. The DR board of six years ago might have addressed these questions.

    • Rick Koth and Rusty Thulin to be consulted.

    • A pond expert will be sought.  Old records will be reviewed.  Charlie Williams, who is versed in water issues, will be consulted.

  • Grounds and Roads

    • Road trees have been cut near Collier's house.

    • Cracks are developing on Gordon Ct. and Meadow Ridge Dr.

    • AKR Paving has presented a bid.

    • Discussion of getting a new Road Plan for Douglass Ranch.

  • Dogs on lots 20-29

    • Decision was made to not wait on N. Dunn to draft a letter to the Department of Wildlife.

  • Dissatisfaction with Douglass Ranch lawyer noted: Lawyer did not alert us to Senate Bill 05-100 requirements which applied to all HOAs in Colorado. Nor did our lawyer alert us of a need to register with the Colorado Division of Real Estate in accordance with HB 10-1278.

  • Garbage hauling survey

    • Half of DR residents responded to the survey.
      Mt View and EDS are used by a majority of residents. Mt View, at $69/quarter, offers free
      recycling receptacles. The newsletter will forward this information to residents.

  • DR Entry Sign

    • Repainting bids are due tomorrow, 15 June.

    • Mr. Ballard to consult with Board regarding cost and scope of repaint work.

  • DRHOA website update

    • Mr. Ballard has people in two companies in mind that do web design. Estimated cost is $35/mo
      to host.

  • New Issues / Concerns

    • Douglass Ranch to become a CAI member.

    • Glen Elk v. Ron Lewis Case: Oral arguments were heard by the Colorado Supreme Court on June 7th.

    • Pine beetle kill trees.

  • Next Meeting will be July 27, 2011.