Douglass Ranch HOA

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Douglass Ranch Property Owners Association, May 7, 2007

Summary of the Douglass Ranch Home Owners Association / Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


dated May 7, 2007




Rick Koth, President
Kay Collier, Vice President
Terry Sickler, Treasurer
Tom Sosnowski, Secretary


Topics addressed include:


  • Firemen’s Dinner was a success.

  • Newsletter to be published in the first week of June.

  • Road Repair: Snowfall damage to Drake Court was noted. Estimates to repair the damage to be prepared.

  • Property in Foreclosure: Lot 10 is in arrears on dues and is undergoing foreclosure.

  • Funds Transfer: Remaining CD has been moved to a money market account.  Furhter moves to FirstBank are forthcoming.

  • Covenant Amendments: A meeting with the DR lawyer is planned to understand actions required to amend DR Covenants.

  • Douglass Ranch Pond Maintenance: No progress.

  • Fire Mitigation Day is June 23.  Chipper to be rented to assist with slash removal.

  • Fence Repair: Snowplowing damaged to pond fence.

Next Board Meeting: August 13, 2007